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Lumigan Rzesy Jak StosowacShaun Thomson heading down the line…circa 1985 liking that Canyon board…Photo credit Kirk Aeder.

Lumigan 7.5

Lumigan For GlaucomaTom Curren laying a rail for some tubular action…circa 1985 Photo credit Paul Maartens

Bimatoprost Jaskra

Lumigan Eye Drops Cost

Mike Parsons circa 1984

Mike Parsons laying down a backhand slash…circa 1984 Photo credit Peter Brouillet

Simon Law laying some rail

Simon Law laying some heavy rail work…circa 1984 Pic by Peter Brouillet.

Charlie Kuhn 1984

Charlie Kuhn cut back Circa 1984…Photo credit Doug waters

Cheyne Horan Circa 1984

Cheyne Horan a surfer journey man who challenged the perceived norms of surf design and lifestyle. circa 1984

Martin Potter Circa 1984

Thought we had to feature Martin Potter again…saw him surf in his hey day at 4 to 5ft junky Beacon…he is still today the fastest most radical guy I’ve ever seen out there…mmm