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Lumigan Kirpik

The Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 11.03.19…High Tide 4.01pm Low Tide 9.48am…virtually no wind this morn but still some peeling waves on a lump 2 to 3ft swell, some guys out having a load of fun at Beacon though on the mid to low tide dropping…it’s expected to be light westerly for most of the day, so surfable at 13th and townies, clean small waves at Posso’s and maybe a high tide surf later at Raffamea Bay…mmm…Tuesday will be west to south westerly at 20K’s and a solid 4ft with bigger pulses on the open beaches…me thinks time to look for a protected break, east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett…Wednesday will be south westerly at 4K’s and 5ft…super solid early at 13th and townies…again east for townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett….expected light south easterly after lunch so that will knock down the options list….Thursday will be east to south east at 4K’s and 3 to 4ft…light cross shore onshore so likely still very surfable but fast wedgy peaks…tending east to north east by 8.00am the offshore proper by 11.00am…so a fair window of opportunity….light onshore south to south easterly by 2.00pm…mmm…Friday will be southerly at 15K’s and 2 to 4ft…junky bumpy onshore surf at 13th and townies…looks like a day for Quarantines…mmm…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co

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Fund Raiser

A kind local person has donated a Barwon Heads historical Photo collage framed as a fundraiser for our group researching the cancer cluster and ill health (Discovery 3227) it will be an online auction…bid in the comments section…the highest bidder by 8.30pm on Monday night 11th March will be the successful buyer…😊

Jesse and his new Rasta Sleds

Jesse swung by the Rasta Emporium to pick up his two new Custom Rasta sleds for his Indonesian sojourn…😊🏄‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 10.03.19

The Rasta Foggy Surf Report 10.03.19 High Tide 3.24pm Low Tide 9.08am…yes it Tis foggier than the Irish moors in Scotland…according to my night googles its 2 to 3ft and fairly clean at 13th and Townies…seek and Ye shall find…tending west to north west early then more westerly late morn to 15K’s…maybe a cheeky paddle at Raffamea Bay on the mid to@High Tide in the afternoon…mmm…Monday will be north westerly at 10K’s and 2 to 3ft, pretty clean waves early at 13th and townies…tending more westerly later in the morn making for more cross shore surf…Posso’s will have some fun waves too on the reefs….expected onshore west to south westerly at 13K’s by 2.00pm…Tuesday will be westerly at 20K’s and 4 to 5ft…solid cross shore surf at 13th and townies..cleaner waves on the reefs from Posso’s to Bells early…an onshore is expected by 11.00am from the west to south westerly…think Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight  and Lorne then…Wednesday will be south westerly at 7K’s and 5 to 6ft…solid onshore surf on the open beaches…cleaner wave options east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett….Thursday will be north westerly at 4K’s and 3 to 4ft…clean offshore surf at 13th and townies…get in before the onshore predicted by 2.00pm…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co