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A new Rasta Trad Quad fish getting ready for the Rasta Emporium. All custom glass work with gloss finish and five fin optioned. These Rasta boards make average waves  fun and absolutely fly. Handcrafted of course by us…mmmBimatoprost Amazon

Lumigan Hair Loss

The deck is glossed and pin lined on this new Rasta Quad sled(5 fin optioned) for the Rasta Emporium, heaps of paddle and float makes for a fast and forgiving rider…Bimatoprost Jaskra

David James single fin circa 72/73

Just traded into the Rasta Surf Emporium, a David James surfboard, single fin, diamond tail, 6.8 circa 72/73…pre leg rope plug and ready to surf. Maltese Cross on deck and bottom, a definite blast from the past…pop in to have a look..mmm

Old School fin reset

More action involving rocks and fins…old school fin resets are becoming less and less of a skill set due to the advent of fin plug systems and fin boxes…anyways we have the skill set to repair all sorts of fin disasters…mmm 

A new Rasta Quad for the Rasta Emporium.

It’s Rasta Pin lining time, pin lines are the joining sections of glass work and allow the eye to picture the boards outline. Pin lining like all facets of board making takes time and energy to get good at…mmm