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Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 14.10.18

13th Beach Surf Report 14.10.18….some bastard stole the swell…light east to north east at 8K’s and around 1ft or so…no one out at Beacon…maybe the  best chance of a small wave will be the beachies…man and woman’s best friend is not the dog but a longboard today…find a dribble and enjoy this warmth…mmm…High Tide 4.31pm Low Tide 10.14am…Monday will be north to north easterly at 30k’s and 1ft…looks like it’s a case of small surf still…still the best option is grabbing the log and seeking a wave on the incoming tide…it may have a tad more push me thinks…soak up this warm weather…Tuesday will be north to north easterly at 30k’s and 1 to 2ft…still small…still offshore all day and the land of the logs…awesome weather too…Wednesday will be west to north westerly at 7k’s and 2ft…pretty clean small fun waves at 13th and townies…expected cross shore easterly by 2.00pm so try and get in before the wind shift…13th or townies much the same…Thursday will be north westerly at 9k’s and 2 to 4ft…looks like some good quality surf at 13th and townies…head high sets…clean surf till around 2.00pm…fun waves too on the reefs from Posso’s to Bells…Friday will be northerly at 9k’s and 2 to 3ft…clean fun waves all day at 13th and townies…find a bank and settle in for a few sessions…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co


Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 13.10.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 13.10.18…pretty foggy start to the morn at 13th…just starting to kick in offshore proper…around 2 to 3ft and likely to improve as the morn progresses…a super sunny fun day of waves on offer…13th or townies will be fun…more water will be beneficial…mmm…High Tide 3.55pm Low Tide 9.34am…Sunday will be north to north easterly at 25k’s and 1 to 2ft…clean small fun waves all day at 13th and townies…ideal for the log or fat fish me thinks…Monday will be north to north easterly at 30k’s and 1ft or so…looks like being micro waves at 13th and townies…best chance will be a long log….mmm…Tuesday will be north to north easterly at 30k’s and 1 to 2ft…another day of complete offshores…still logging and fat fish for 13th and townies…have a paddle peeps…Wednesday will be westerly at 12k’s and 2ft…cross shore waves at 13th and townies…maybe a clean micro wave at Posso’s ….east to southeaster by 2.00pm….Thursday will be easterly at 7k’s and 2 to 3ft…cross shore waves at 13th and townies…light winds so ok for a roll of the shoulder me thinks…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co


Golden Breed Expression Session 3 1973

Back from our framers, a rare and original Hawaiian surf poster…the Golden Breed Expression Session 3 1973….available from the Rasta Emporium 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🤙 please pm for more deets…

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 12.10.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 12.10.18…calm the farm people’s…it’s a pretty average start to the day with an easterly wind still the dominate influence…cross shore and shifty at 2 to 3ft…looks weaker than Conor McGregor after that Russian interlude…though I digress…a day of super sunshine…ok for a desperate roll of the shoulder…mmm…High Tide 3.15pm Low Tide 8.52am…Saturday will be northerly at 20k’s and 2 to 3ft…looks like a day of clean fun waves at 13th and townies…super sunshine too…get out there and enjoy some classic spring conditions…Sunday will be north to north easterly at 25k’s and 1 to 2ft…yes the swell has dropped out but still super clean and fun at 13th and townies…ideal for some logging and super fat fish activity…go surfing….Monday will be north to north easterly at 35k’s and around 1ft…yes tiny…clean all day…best chance is on a big fat long long log…a day for the trim and glide…and maybe nose ride….mmm…Tuesday will be north to north easterly at 11k’s and 2ft….more small clean waves at 13th and townies…ideal for the fish and log…onshore by 2.00pm so don’t leave it too late for a paddle…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co 4D521DA2-F20E-492C-B7A3-719273F2E66D

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 11.10.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 11.10.18….still howling east to southeasterly at 20 to 30k’s…no joy here on this part of the coast…mmm…High Tide 2.32pm Low Tide 8.05am…Friday will be north easterly at 15k’s and 2 to 4ft…looks like some clean wave action at 13th and townies…some easterly aspect will persist and the banks will likely be fast and furious…expected a cross shore easterly by 2.00pm…Saturday will be clean offshore all day with a north to north easterly at 30k’s and 2 to 3ft…book in 2 surfs today…find a bank and settle in…Sunday will again be a full day of clean offshore surf conditions…2 to 3ft and clean as a whistle…13th and townies will be good…take your pick and enjoy yourself…Monday will still be howling offshore…the swell is expected to drop out …maybe 1 to 2ft…looks like time for a big ol heavy board or a fat fat fish…another great day for a paddle if you are off work or simply hate your boss…Tuesday will be north westerly at 8k’s and 1 to 2ft…still clean offshore…more logging and fish action…13th and townies will still be the fun option for a wave…likely too small for the reefs…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co 97EFD959-0D43-4CCF-9469-194AF9171F8E

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 10.10.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 10.10.18…a howling east to southeasterly at 25k’s making for cross shore surf conditions at 13th and townies…around 4ft and terrible…maybe time for a perm me thinks…mmm…High Tide 1.45pm Low Tide 7.11am…Thursday will be east to south easterly at 25k’s and 2 to 3ft…still junky and unpalatable at 13th and townies…another lay day for surfing…mmm…Friday will be north easterly at 15k’s and 2 to 4ft…looks like being some fun waves at 13th and townies in the morning…peaky, fast and hollow…expected cross shore easterly by 2.00pm…then onshore proper by 5.00pm…Saturday will be a day of clean fun surf all day…northerly at 30k’s and 2 to 3ft…a great day to hit the water at 13th or townies…looks like a 2 surf day at least…Sunday the joy continues…the swells dropping out but still worth getting the log or fish out there…1 to 2ft and uber clean…you gotta make the most of these offshore ….Monday the offshore continues but the swell is expected to be barely 1ft…howling north to north easterlies at 4ok’s…as an optimist let’s hope it’s still loggable or fat fish fryable…13th or townies…mmm…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co A4F975C2-6A31-48D2-8390-2B9599044D3C