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Lumigan In AustraliaBimatoprost HypopigmentationThe Rasta Emporium has Men’s and Ladies wetsuits…springsuits $80 steamers $100…sounds like a plan….surfing or snorkeling…😊🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

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Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 07.12.18…a fresh onshore south to south westerly at 3ft on the pulses…maybe a cleaner wave will be on offer at Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne…mmm…High Tide 1.45pm Low Tide 7.45am…Tuesday will be southerly at 5k’s and 3 to 4ft…light onshore at 13th and townies…likely relatively clean on the faces for those desperate to roll the shoulder early though cleaner waves on offer east of townies, Pt Road Knight and Lorne…Wednesday will be south to south westerly at 18k’s and 3 to 4ft…junky onshore surf at 13th and townies…again the protected breaks east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight , Lorne and Kennett….Thursday will be west to south westerly at 7k’s and 3 to 4ft…ditto above breaks…Friday will be light cross shore from the east early then cleaning up more by around 8 with the east to north east having more influence…13th and townies will be fairly clean till around 2.00pm when the light cross shore onshore kicks in again from the east to south east…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co

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Lumigan Hair Loss Bimatoprost Jaskra Lumigan Eye Drops Cost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03Just Arrived a new Tolhurst HI HP 9.2 Diamond Drive…full Carbon thunderbolt construction…at 69.2 litres it’s a great paddling high performance machine…pop in or pm for more details…😊🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️👌

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 06.01.19

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 06.01.18…a light west north west on a bumpy lumpy swell at 13th and Townies…likely way cleaner waves at Posso’s to Bells me thinks…maybe a clean small wave at Raffamea Bay before top of tide…south to south east by 11.00am…mmm…High Tide 12.55pm Low Tide 6.50am…Monday will be south easterly at 9k’s and 2 to 3ft…light onshore junky surf at 13th and townies…ok for a desperate roll of the shoulder at 13th and townies…mmm…Tuesday will be southerly at 4k’s and 3 to 4ft…light onshore junky surf at 13th and townies…cleaner waves east of townies, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne…Wednesday will be south westerly at 17k’s and 3 to 4ft…ditto above breaks and throw in Kennett for some fun too….Thursday west to south westerly at 10k’s and 3 to 4ft…the junky onshore roll on at 13th ant townies…again east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne….Friday will be east to north east at 10k’s and 2 to 3ft…fairly clean waves early at 13th and townies…it should be peaky and fast banks…could be fun for a Friday…tending light easterly by 2.00pm and not effecting the swell that much…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 05.01.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 05.01.19…a stiff southerly wind this morn at 20k’s and a junky 3ft of waves…maybe a small clean wave at Pt Road Knight or Lorne today…east of townies too might be an option…mmm…High Tide 12.00pm Low Tide 5.44am…Sunday will be west to south westerly at 11k’s and 3 to 4ft…solid junky surf on the open beaches…better options of a clean wave at East of townies, Pt Road Knight and Lorne me thinks…tending south to southeasterly later in the day…mmm…Monday will be south easterly at 10k’s and 3ft…junky surf at 13th and townies…nothing happening here…maybe a day for Quarantines…apart from that relax and think about new surf adventures…Tuesday will be south to south westerly at 9k’s and 3 to 4ft….solid onshore surf at 13th and townies….cleaner waves on offer at Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne…Wednesday will be westerly at 12k’s and 3 to 4ft…cross shore surf at 13th and townies…clean surf at Posso’s to Bells…onshore from the south west by 11.00am…maybe Pt Road Knight and Lorne then….Thursday will be west to south west at 10k’s and 3 to 4ft…still junky surf at 13th and townies…cleaner surf east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne….stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co


Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 04.01.18

Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 04.01.19…So much frothing this morning the carparks are not just moist but wetter than Sir Les Patterson’s crinoline shirt…super clean 2 to 3ft swell on some peaky straight banks…some south east aspect in the wave direction making for some fast peeling waves…13th or townies will be good fun…carparks are virtually full already so patience is a virtue…waiting for second shift maybe an option or just get a bike and racks…mmm…High Tide 11.01am Low Tide 5.15pm….Saturday will be south westerly at 15k’s and 3 to 4ft…junky onshore surf at 13th and townies…cleaner wave options east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne…Sunday will be westerly at 10k’s and 3 to 4ft…light cross shore surf at 13th and townies…cleaner surf at Posso’s and Raffamea Bay…expected west to south west onshore by 11.00am…maybe Pt Road Knight and Lorne then as a cleaner option….Monday will be south to south easterly at 12k’s and 3ft…junky onshore surf at 13th and townies…no clean wave options here so maybe Quarantines for the boaties…Tuesday will be south to south westerly at 6k’s and 3 to 4ft…light onshore junky surf…wave faces still probably clean and surfable though cleaner breaks like Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett will be nice…Wednesday will be westerly at 11k’s and 3ft…cross shore surf at 13th and townies…cleaner waves at Posso’s to Bells…tending onshore by midday onwards…cleaner surf then at Pt Road Kngith and Lorne…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co