David James single fin circa 72/73

Just traded into the Rasta Surf Emporium, a David James surfboard, single fin, diamond tail, 6.8 circa 72/73…pre leg rope plug and ready to surf. Maltese Cross on deck and bottom, a definite blast from the past…pop in to have a look..mmm

Pat Morgan Keel Fin Circa 72

Pat Morgan was a 60’s / 70’s surfboard shaper/designer based in Torquay Victoria. The keel fin design was primarily his and noted surfers Wayne Lynch and Nat Young rode these designs during this period. The one pictured is Circa 71/72 and photo pic credit Vonweirdo. also at Vonweirdo’s.com.audownload (2)

Ron Stoner pic of Trestles intervention

Ron Stoner, an iconic surf photographer from the 60’s captures this pic at Trestles where a surfboard is confiscated by a military officer. There were many rules and regulations about surfing in this area and there were tense times . When your board is persona non gratia…there’s trouble brewing. Photo Credit Stoner Circa 68/69download (1)