The Rasta 13th Beach Winter Surf Report 23.07.19

The Rasta 13th Beach Winter Surf Report…23.07.19 …High Tide 3.57pm Low Tide 9.33am…a solid clean straight swell at 13th and Townies this morning on a dropping to low tide…no banks happening this morning it seems with a north westerly at 22K’s and 4 to 5ft on the pulses…me thinks it will be good on the reefs from Posso’s to Bells region, I think it will be better here with much more water, mid tide onwards will be a better option, a high tide Raffamea Bay might be fun too…mmm…Wednesday will be west to north westerly at 30K’s and 4 to 7ft…looks like a solid swell on the open beaches and realistically the banks will struggle with the size me thinks…there’s a load of westerly in this pattern that makes for some cross shore action…Posso’s to Bells will be a good big wave option and way cleaner…maybe a smaller clean wave east of Townies or Raffamea Bay on the high tide…Thursday will be north to north westerly at 21K’s and 4ft…clean offshore waves all day at 13th and Townies…find a bank and that’s the gold…clean waves too on the reefs which will be pretty reliable…Posso’s to Bells and beyond…Friday will be north to north westerly at 19K’s and 3 to 5ft…clean offshore till 1.00pm…then an  expected onshore from the south to south west at 22K’s…think Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight and Lorne then…Saturday will be west to north west at 11K’s and 3 to 5ft…this pattern has a strong westerly influence that benefits the reefs to the west, likely to cross shore for most of the day at 13th and Townies…though that being said there is a high likelihood of a wind shift that is light and from the north to north west later in the afternoon….around 4.00pm…almost a late afternoon glass off….mmm…sounds like fun…Stay Upright and Make a Difference Ross Rasta Surf Co