The Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 15.03.19

The Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 15.03.19…High Tide 5.19am Low Tide 11.46am…trying to find a word for frigging horrible but I think that’s the words needed…just an awful junky onshore low energy messy falling over itself wave at 2 to 3ft with a south to south east wind at 11K’s…maybe a day for Quarantines for those with time on their hands and a boat in the garage…mmm…Saturday will be east to south easterly at 15K’s and 2 to 3ft at first light and tending easterly as the morn progresses then to a lightish east to north easterly at 9K’s…so a window of semi clean surf for those wanting to roll the shoulder…better than having to work so be grateful for what we’ve got….Sunday will be east to south easterly at 6K’s and 2 to 3ft…more light cross shore onshore wonk at 13th and townies…again my 8.00am almost no wind and a puff of northerly…maybe that’s the time to get wet…by 11.00am it’s expected to swing back onshore with the lightest puff from the south east at 2K’s…Monday the east to south easters continue…stronger at 18K’s and around 3ft…hard to get excited…but beautiful autumn weather, so if your desperate to roll the shoulder maybe a high tide paddle at Townies may whet the appetite…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co