One thought on “Rasta woollen longboard”

  1. WOW,Memories!!! One of Ella’s best textiles,testing my memory again,the glasser was not happy with the previous silk one, it keep stretching when being laminated ,ha ha ,a definite test for you early on. Ella has informed me that the fabric was challis wool (French) .It also brings back memories of the Tranquility Base, Jackie tye dyes,i came across one a while ago signed by Ray Gleave that I shaped for myself at Rasta,remember Nick refused to shape anything that flat, then the comment if you want flat I’ll give you flat.The Midget drag tail era, and first meeting Brett double T and him loving the Yellow board what a paddling machine!!! Who shaped the woollen board?not sure if it was one of mine ,and what price is it .Cheers Rick.

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