DELWP whale update

Here’s the update regarding the whale carcass at 5W Collendina, DELWP contacted me today….it’s as follows ……..Hi Ross, 

The whale that was buried at Collendina on Friday was done so in accordance with the Victorian Cetacean Emergency Plan.

The whale was buried at the base of the dunes and above the high tide mark at a depth of 2.5 – 3m to prevent leakage onto the surface of the beach. 

The burial site is approximately 4km from Ocean Grove patrolled beach. 

Due to the advanced state of decomposition of the carcass, burial was considered a safe and effective immediate method to secure the site for public safety. 

However, whilst we continue to monitor the site, DELWP is also currently assessing the options for removal of the carcass. 

Site access constraints limit options for the removal of the carcass, with the Ocean Grove boat ramp unsuitable for the types of vehicles needed to cart the carcass to a disposal facility. 

The safety of staff and contractors is paramount to any operation to remove the carcass.

DELWP will provide a further update for the community once a full assessment of this complex operation has taken place. 

Yesterday a small amount of whale blubber was removed from the beach near Collendina and monitoring will continue to occur in the general vicinity over coming days. 

A shark warning remains in place as a precaution. There have been no reports of shark sightings in the area over the past week.

Members of the public who wish to swim at beaches across Victoria should always remain vigilant to a range of hazards including rips, tides and marine animals such as sharks. 

Shark sightings at any beach can be reported to the police by calling ‘000’ or by notifying lifesavers immediately, if at a patrolled beach. 

Further information on staying safe on the beach can be found at: