Beacon 13th beach 01.04.17

H.T 4.40 pm L.T 9.50 am…The swell has kicked to almost all time size for 13th this morn with a 8 to 10ft cranking swell (Hawaiian size )and only a few guys out at Beacon, heaps of would be legends watching but when the pedal needs to go to the metal there’s only a handful of big wave riders willing to put their proverbial Kahuna’s on the line….probably a good day for tow in at Bells too….heaps of boards will get broken today as will ego’s…stay safe and if your not up for it seek a small wave with the other small wave legends at Raffamea Bay…Sunday will be southerly at 15K’s and 5 to 6ft…13th and townies will be trashed…clean surf at Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett….Monday will be east to south east at 15K’s and 4ft…large cross shore onshore junky surf at 13th and townies…looks like hard work…Tuesday will be easterly at 15K’s and 4ft…those desperate for a paddle will look for waves…we will look for cafes…Wednesday will be east to north east at 3K’s and 3ft…light clean surf at 13th and townies…tending onshore by the arvo…stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co