2 thoughts on “Just traded in Used Imperial longboard”

  1. Hi Ross some info on the Imperial board .ln particular the quad fin set up.that board was about no 4 I think and was with Dave’s version of the McKee Quattro system.There at least 3 other boards that were done for me prior to it,with the exact McKee set up,I was working with Bruce at that time on a high performance longboard he was very interested as in his knowledge had not been done before. And wanted feed back through his shapers collaberation forum,Dave was hesitant .re copy right trademark ,legal stuff ,so he changed the formula to his own. WHOOPs .Josh did not like it, the end. Word back from Noosa through Joshs dad was that it was the best he had EVER seen him surf.Just another surf story.The original board built for me with McKee formula is on my step sons surf charter boat in PNG and still gets great reviews from many international surfers.You will love this next bit it’s first test run was at RAAFS and it went SHIT,with quads as you would know it’s all about the fins we finally got it right with Bruce’s help he is very giving with his knowledge as his website is there for everyone. So from RAAFS to world champion obviously!!!!HAHA.Hope all is good down there ,I am regularly checking your reports as is Christie from all over the world with travels cheffing on the white boats. I hear it’s not the same down any more but it’s still an amazing place to be I’m sure ,will catch up next time I’m down. Cheers Rick.

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for the back story, i had contact from Josh regarding the board and he enlightened me of his story re the board…supposedly the board was glassed super light and had collapsed so had some re-glassing done to support the deck by Dibby…and a box put in for more options…sold from Dave direct to the customer…anyway a good story of creativity by all involved…yes like the whole coast in Australia its all changing…luckily not all of the newbies are surfers which still give us days with bugger all out…surfed yesterday at lightpoles with classic loggin waves with 5 guys…100 metre plus rights and lefts…we head up to Byron and the Goldie as our main quickie breaks…usually 5 days…i think we may head up late march…catch up soon…Best Ross

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