1st Carpark 13th beach

For those that have friends whom don’t like facebook the Rasta surf report is available at rastasurfboards.com.au , for those that love facebook we remain true friends…H.T 11.21 am L.T 5.25 pm…A super strong onshore wind at 25K’s and a 4 to 5ft junky swell…13th and townies are trashed, all roads lead to the protected breaks like east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett….Sunday will be large on an easterly wind at 15K’s and 4 to 5ft…looks like very hard work…a small window of potential offshore from 11 till 2 but still pretty rugged….tending east to south easterly by 2.00pm…mmm…Monday will be north east at 6K’s and 3ft…clean till around 2.00pm when the predicted east to south easterly blows up….Tuesday will be north east at 6K’s and 3ft…again clean at 13th and townies till 2.00pm….Wednesday will be north east at 5K’s and 2ft….again clean at 13th and townies will 2.00 pm when the east to southeaster kicks in….stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co