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Richard Schmidt blurring the lines in 1985…Photo credit Mark Gordon.Lumigan Kirpik Uzat?c? Kullananlar

Bimatoprost Timolol Side Effects

In the 80’s they didn’t call it a hack I think more of a carve…carve , hack or slash there is a fair amount of energy going down by Vince Collier…photo credit Chris Knopf. Circa 1985.Bimatoprost Zastosowanie

Cheyne Horan circa 1985

Cheyne Horan at high speed banking a turn on that Winged Keel by Geoff Mcoy…circa 1985 mmm…photo credit by Jeff Divine .

Shaun Thomson Circa 1985

Shaun Thomson heading down the line…circa 1985 liking that Canyon board…Photo credit Kirk Aeder.

Tom Curren Circa 1985

Tom Curren laying a rail for some tubular action…circa 1985 Photo credit Paul Maartens

Martin Potter Circa 1985

Martin Potter seeking higher inspiration circa 1985 Photo credit Craig Fineman.