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Pat Morgan was a 60’s / 70’s surfboard shaper/designer based in Torquay Victoria. The keel fin design was primarily his and noted surfers Wayne Lynch and Nat Young rode these designs during this period. The one pictured is Circa 71/72 and photo pic credit Vonweirdo. also at Vonweirdo’ Storage

Lumigan Label

Ron Stoner, an iconic surf photographer from the 60’s captures this pic at Trestles where a surfboard is confiscated by a military officer. There were many rules and regulations about surfing in this area and there were tense times . When your board is persona non gratia…there’s trouble brewing. Photo Credit Stoner Circa 68/69Bimatoprost For Eyelashes

Lumigan Cils

In 1964 the surfing culture was experiencing a huge growth in popularity. Many companies decided to get in on the new wave that was sweeping the world. Surfing. Here’s an Ad from Milo Circa 1964 promoting Milo and Ladies surfing. There’s some serious logs there…looks like  Greg Noll may have been the board sponsor… Photo Credit Milo 1964Lumigan Kapi

Bimatoprost Oftalmico Para Que Sirve

One of the Greatest surf films of all time, Endless Summer. It all began and ended with it…the search for surf and hoping to find perfect uncrowded surf. From left to right is Bruce Brown, Mike Hynson and Robert August. All went on to become major contributors to our surfing lifestyle we know and love today. If you haven’t seen it…treat yourself and buy a copy…mmmBimatoprost Zamiennik Photo Credit Bruce Brown Circa 1964.

Lumigan Nebenwirkungen

Wes Laine , one of the most fluid and stylish surfers of the 80’s . Wes turned pro in 1979 and was ranked 9th in the world in 1983/1985. At 6.4 and 170lb he was masterful in the solid Hawaiian waves at Off the Wall and Backdoor. Noted for his bright surfboards and wetsuits that were part of the 80’s surf scene. Photo credit Aaron Chang/swellBimatoprost Zamienniki

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03

Jimmy Blears Jnr…A champion surfer of the 70’s who charged Pipeline. A finalist at the Smirnoff and the Duke. In 1972 he won the world title. A well respected waterman and lifeguard on the north shore for many years. His father was the renowned Lord Jimmy Blears, also a legendary figure in surfing. Photo credit Jeff Divine 1971.
Lumigan Lash Treatment

Dewey Weber

Dewey Weber , an iconic surfer of the 50’s and 60’s with a progressive aggressive style. Unbeknownst too many , he was a champion at yoyo and wrestling. At 5’3″ and 130lbs he was sponsored by Manhattan board maker Dale Velzy as a kid and nicknamed” the little man on wheels”.Weber was an early pioneer to surf Hawaii too. Dewey Weber went onto establish several successful surf shops  with the help of Harold Iggy a surfboard designer/shaper. from 1966 to 1967 they sold around 10,000 performer model long boards. Since his passing,Dewey’s wife and children, Shea and Corey still run the Dewey Weber surf store in San Clemente. Photo credit Dewey Weber and Leroy Grannis

Dewey Weber Surf Boards _ Surf Shop _ Pinterest FOTB01F

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart, a pioneer of the modern body boarding era.His work with Tom Morey created sophisticated new designs that enabled high level performance in critical waves. Known as Mister Pipeline for the fact he won Banzai Pipeline 11 times…and 9 times body boarding world champion. Mike Stewart is also a champion body surfer and a pioneer of tow surfing. Photo Circa