Woody Brown

Woody Brown, a true pioneer of wood and foam. From the redwood boards of the 30’s to designing ply boards in the late 30’s to foam of the 60’s. Woody surfed the complete era of modern surf design and was at the forefront of big wave riding in Hawaii with a small band of other big wave surfers. Woody was an accomplished waterman, aviator and was responsible for the modern catamaran that we know today. What is truly amazing was his capacity to keep surfing well into his 80’s and spread the stoke of Aloha. Photo Eric Aeder Maui Woody_Brown_500

Derek Ho

Derek Ho, Hawaiian surfer who was a dominate force on the pro circuit during the 80’s and 90’s. At only 5.4 and around 60kg he was one of the smallest and lightest professional surfers. His dominance of Pipeline with his brother Michael is the stuff of legend. In his pro career he accumulated two Pipeline wins, 4 Triple Crowns and a World Championship title in 1993. Photo Kevin Caldwell Pipeline 1986

Derek Ho Pic by Kevin Caldwell Pipeline Circa 1986
Derek Ho Pic by Kevin Caldwell Pipeline Circa 1986

Skip Frye

Skip Frye, a masterful surfer /shaper and and environmentalist. Wideley recognized in the 60’s as one of the best traditional longboarders of his time, his ability to nose ride and trim honed on his classic home breaks such as Hollister Ranch. Skip Frye longboards and fish are keenly sought after.His collaboration with Steve Lis(kneeboards) highly influenced his keel fin twinnies and are considered part of the foundation of twin fin design. Photo Hollister Ranch Circa 1967 by Ron Stoner.images (1)

Reno Abellira

Reno Abellira also known as the prince of speed. A renowned Hawaiian surfer of the 60’s and 70’s who was a gifted surfer/shaper and board designer. Reno’s designs influenced both Dick Brewer in the Lightning Bolt era and directly made an impact of the Mark Richards twin fins that have become recognized throughout the world.Noted for his super low stance and rocketing speeds generated on long fast walls.Reno was also an accomplished big wave rider winning the 1974 Smirnoff in 25ft plus surf at Waimea Bay.download (1)

Peter Troy


Australian pioneer and surf explorer Peter Troy. In the early 60’s Peter Troy traversed the globe in search of surf and excitement, that journey covered over 120 countries. Troy surfed some of the most exotic locations in the world without a mobile phone, ipad ,google or surfers atlas. Peter Troy was also a noted surf historian and founder of what we now know as the Bells Beach. Photo S/A circa 1963
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Shaun Thomson

Shaun Thomson

70’s iconic surfer Shaun Thomson. Fluidity and style his hallmark, honing his skills at classic point breaks like Jeffrey’s Bay in his home of South Africa. 1977 world champion. Photo circa 1978