Just Arrived Vintage Surf 1985

Just arrived and available is this sweet sweet surf poster…carded ready to be framed…titled Blown Away Circa 1985 and autographed by George Greenough and Dan Merkel…please pm for more details 😊✌

Vland Hawaii

Velzyland or Vland named after iconic surfer and shaper Dale Velzy, this iconic break on the North Shore on the island of Oahu, heading east from Sunset Beach., such a classic fun wave on the smaller to mid size days but capable of holding more serious size…definitely on the bucket list for my next Hawaiian Sojourn. Photo credit Surfline

Ala Moana Bowl

Ala Moana bowl…Oahu Hawaii , seeing this break in so many photo’s over the years…in the late 70’s and 80’s every surf mag had the Ho brothers or Bertleman ripping this wave apart or tucked nice and high in the tube…definitely on the bucket list if the surf gods and locals smile upon me…photo courtesy of Wards Ala Moana