As new Ripcurl just traded

An ideal, as new Ripcurl longboard just traded into the Rasta Emporium, its measurements are 9.0 by 23 by 3″….single fin plus side biters…pop in or drop us a line it wont last too long….mmm

New Box for Mctavish

The pain of a destroyed fin box is nearly over…a new box and capped glass with pin line tidy up, now ready for a gloss finish and as we say a happy ending…mmm

13th Beach Surf Report 11.05.17

13th Beach Surf report…11.05.17 …H.T 1.10 pm L.T 6.10 am…Tis a chilly morn with a very light west to north west at 6k’s and 2 to 3ft …13th and townies will have small clean waves…likely to push a tad more with the incoming tide hopefully…a log or fish would be fun me thinks…Friday will be north to north west at 4K’s and 2ft…more small wave action at 13th and townies…maybe time to strap your ankles for the extreme small wave stresses…a twisted ankle could mean a week or so out of the water and a place in the square dancing finals…mmm…expected onshore by 4.00 pm…Saturday will be southerly at 7K’s and 3ft…light onshore surf all day….if your desperate for a paddle mid to high tide may prove a good option….Sunday will be south west at 5K’s and 2ft…sounds not that exciting…maybe a session of trim and glide…or retail therapy….Monday will be west to north west at 4K’s and 2ft…some small clean fun waves this morn, expected light cross shore by 1.00 pm….stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf Co

Buy the best quality you can afford….

There’s no doubt you should always try and buy the best quality surfboard you can afford…well it can save you some serious coin when your fin plugs pop out, here we have FCS copy plugs, non steel screws, no H pattern, no glass patch….so repair costs can cancel out any saving on the original price…mmm

Used Rasta Log

Just traded a used Rasta Log 9.6 trad model made for the glide and trim for classic nose riding. Currently in the Rasta Emporium for perusal…no wave too small…classic tiger bleed decka nd bottom with volane overglassing….big ass single fin too….