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No time for Mondayitis when you’ve got a Rasta widow maker to sand, pin line and gloss…mmmLumigan Canada Bimatoprost Careprost Bimatoprost Generico

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Just traded a 1976 Don Allcroft Ripcurl 6.8 Single Fin…a custom creation by one of Torquay’s master shapers…pop in or pm for more details…mmmLumigan 0.1 Bimatoprost Allergan Lumigan For Dogs Lumigan Lashes Lumigan Lash Growth Bimatoprost Wholesale

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When you tweak your big donk you may need some major remedial medical intervention…such as more rovings and glass to increase a stiffer feel…mmmLumigan To Buy Online

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Lumigan Buy Online Ireland Bimatoprost Ulotka Bimatoprost While Breastfeeding Bimatoprost Generic CostJust Traded, a 9.2 Rasta longboard, ideal for some easy wave catching and long rides…pop in or pm for more details 😊🤙

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Good friend Decka drops in from Currumbin to grab his new Custom Rasta 9.4 Log…1785 K’s….mmmLumigan 2.5 Ml Bimatoprost Timolol Maleate Bimatoprost Que Es

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A new Rasta 6.2 Keel or Quad or single…I’m so fishfused( a case of confusion where a lover of fish surfboards can’t make up their mind if they want to make a twin keel fin fish ,a quad fin fish or a Single Fin fish…a medical condition that was first documented in 2005 by the great surfboard designer( medico) Layne Wynch of Deep South fame. Undiagnosed this condition can lead to total disorientation towards the front and rear of the surfboard and has been on known to lead to the fatal desire to making a 3 finned surfboard.  Early medical intervention has recorded fair results of clarity in fish design theory, experts suggest a large dose of Steve Lis Fish compendium has shown very positive results towards a one fin fish theory…mmmBimatoprost Solution 0.01