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Rasta 13th Beach Surf Report 29.03.18…a 1ft swell with a westerly wind building in intensity and the swell is expected to increase as the day progresses…variable winds later from the south west to southerly…mmm…High Tide 10.15am Low Tide 3.51…Friday will be westerly at 20k’s and 4ft…likely too cross shore at 13th and townies…expected onshore by 2.00pm…so Posso’s to Bells early and maybe Raffamea Bay on the high tide…a late surf at Pt Road Knight and Lorne…Saturday will be west to south westerly at 3k’s and 4ft…junky onshore surf at 13th and townies…then a window of clean surf opportunity around 11.00 an till 2.00pm…then back to cross shore from the east…mmm…Sunday will be north westerly at 4k’s and 3ft…clean head high surf at 13th and townies…an ideal day for a paddle…expected onshore by 1.oopm from the south west….Monday will be south to south westerly at 12k’s and 4ft…onshore junky surf at 13th and townies….clean wave options east of townies, Fisho’s Torqool, Pt Addis, Pt Road Knight, Lorne and Kennett….stay upright and make a difference Ross Rasta Surf CoBimatoprost Alopecia Areata

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In the last 28 years of Rasta, I can’t remember every sticker we’ve created…I wonder if someone can…here’s our new Rasta instalment for 2017/18… due in the Rasta Emporium soon…mmmLumigan Joint Pain