Discovery 3227 Barwon Heads Cancer and Auto Immune disease cluster

Latest news…Discovery 3227 (Barwon Heads Cancer and Auto Immune Disease Cluster), whilst waiting for the impending Royal Commission/Senate Inquiry into the City of Greater Geelong’s Mosquito Spraying/Treatment of Barwon Heads and it’s environment we have been busy researching the Pesticides/Insecticides/larvicides used by the Council in Barwon Heads/Bellarine Peninsula and Greater Geelong area. The case against the City of Greater Geelong is getting stronger and stronger, and the health data is alarming to say the least and reinforces our theory that many local residents have been exposed to chemicals  used by the COGG/Bellarine Shire and South Barwon Shire since the early to mid 1980’s to current times. The COGG has been served with several Freedom of Information requests, one of which they refused to action, another they have recently processed which revealed new chemicals they have failed to publicly release before, and chemicals that are delisted/banned for use in Australia . Eg. Baytex 550 (Fenthion)industrial grade Insecticide made by Bayer, Bayer USA asked its federal authorities to delist its products in 2005, for a very good reason…its extremely toxic, dangerous to most living things, inclusive of mammals. Other dangerous chemicals such as Pye Fog, Drift , Reslin ( Pyrethrin cocktails) and were all used extensively in Barwon Heads and throughout the Geelong region, all many of which have acknowledged links to serious cancers and Auto Immune diseases.What is quite obvious from the City of Greater Geelong’s response to Freedom of Information requests is that they are actively withholding key information that contains more incriminating information about the mosquito chemical spraying programme in this region, the City’s legal advisors are helping them bake a toxic cake that in time they the City of Greater Geelong will have to eat , For the 10 year period 1993 to 2003 they have provided 3 invoices of purchases, and one spray schedule…hardly an effort in  honesty and transparency from our local council when in 2002/3 The City of Greater Geelong declared they were spending $120,000 a year killing mosquitoes. We are patient and we will get to the truth in the fullness of time and a Royal Commission or Senate Inquiry which ever comes first. Those that have suffered deserve some honest answers and we aim to get them…🙏